The Impact Business Trips Have on Your Health

The Impact Business Trips Have on Your Health

Traveling is both good and bad for your health. On one hand, you are finally outside of the office. On the other hand, you increase the risks of illness when you go into unknown territories. Learn more about how business trips have different effects on health.

Improve Back Posture:

Most office workers sit at the desk for hours on end. Not sitting with your spine straight increases the risks of back problems. If you do something too strenuous, you could easily throw your back out and feel pain for weeks.

A business trip requires that you step out of the office for a few days. As you move from one location to another, the back does not remain in the same curved position. In this short period of time, your back condition improves dramatically.

Reduce Computer Dependency:

An addiction to using the computer or Internet is a psychological condition. Your health suffers when you cannot function properly without using technology. First, you develop a poor back posture from sitting at the computer for too long. Then, you develop vision problems and, if you type often, strain in your wrists. Being away from the computer helps you to recover your mental and physical health.

Increase Stress:

Unfortunately, a business trip has just as many disadvantages as advantages. You could already have high stress levels because of your work or home life. On a bad business trip, your stress levels could increase three or four times more. A natural disaster, car accident, plane crash or armed robbery could happen to any traveler. As a result, your high blood pressure levels increase and affect your health in the long run.

Risks of Food Poisoning:

Whether you are traveling for business or recreation, you want to go out to restaurants. Most people want to try the local cuisines and do not worry much about sanitation. However, in some developing countries, personal hygiene is not a major concern. You have high risks of food contamination and poisoning that affect travelers. Once you are poisoned, you are left with prolonged days of illness and a few medical bills.

Everyone knows that traveling has its inconveniences like flight delays or lost luggage. However, it’s hard to determine exactly what business trips do to your health. For some people, it’s obvious – they had a car crash that resulted in risky surgery. They may have encountered food poisoning and never been able to recover since. Be aware of the problems that could affect you as you prepare for the next business trip.

Mark Angelo is the Co-Founder of Yorkville Advisors.

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