5 Awesome Free Slackbots for Your Business

5 Awesome Free Slackbots for Your Business

Running a business demands your utmost time and attention. Sometimes, we may find that those resources aren’t quite as bountiful as we’d prefer them to be: that’s where the organizational prowess of using a slackbot comes in. Powered through Slack, Slackbots operate like chatbots to help tackle everything from sending reminder notifications to motivating blurbs for boosting company morale. Implementing the use of a Slackbot should be a must for every company’s communication strategy. Continue reading below for five free Slackbots to help you get started on doing exactly that:

1. DBot by Demisto:

In today’s day and age, the importance of cyber security is not to be brushed aside. DBot by Demisto helps to give you and your team peace of mind by filtering through any links that are sent to the chat to determine if they are safe or malicious. By scanning each file, URL, and IP address that users share within the app, Dbot by Demisto is able to quickly alert your team of any threats or suspicious activity.

2. Howdy:

When you have a lot of people to manage, consistently checking in with every employee about their day or about their schedule or current projects might not always be realistic. Howdy helps you to drop a line to see how your team members are tackling their workloads. Simply instruct Howdy on what kind of information you’d like to gather from your team, and it will automatically gather that information and forward it to you. Whether you need an update on the progress of a particular project or just need to tally up what everyone is feeling for lunch, Howdy has got your back.

3. TimeBot:

Keeping track of everyone’s vacation days, sick days, and holidays can really fry your brain. Forget fussing with human resources and manage everyone’s work schedule with TimeBot! Simply instruct your team to fill out a personal time off (PTO) request command to TimeBot, and a few questions later, the record of their request will arrive in you Slack window! Once a team member’s request has been approved, TimeBot will notify the rest of the team of when an employee will be out of the office. As a bonus, TimeBot even has holiday reminders for over 100 countries!

4. Statsbot:

Utilizing mediums for analytics is crucial to having a successful business strategy. These mediums and all of their tedious numbers however, can get to be a pain, and a bewildering one at that! Have no fear, for Statsbot is here! Statsbot combines with Google AnalyticsFree at Google, Salesforce, and other analytic mediums to provide straightforward insights directly to your Slack account. Forget about hasting with a login for your Google Analytics account; forego all the extra steps and windows by merely typing in, “@statsbot summary last month” and let the brilliance that is Statsbot automation take care of everything for you.

5. Donut:

Amidst deadlines and workshops and project meetings, it’s important to not overlook the significance of fostering an authentically connected work environment through team-building. The Donut channel helps to accomplish exactly this by inspiring your employees to get to know one another. From weekly reminders that introduce two colleagues to one another, to memos that encourage them to meet up for coffee and a doughnut, the Donut slackbot is all about creating something meaningful outside of office walls!

Mark Angelo is the Co-Founder of Yorkville Advisors.

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