Investing Strategies for the Wealthy

Investing Strategies for the Wealthy

Smart investors are constantly searching for strategies that will help them save money while also accumulating more wealth. With that being said, here is a look at several investment strategies that wealthy people should consider using to accumulate even more wealth.

Focus On Tax Free Investments:

While the majority of tax reducing strategies do not necessarily benefit wealthy people, there are some strategies that can be used as assets for wealthy investors. Look at tax free municipals. A tax free municipal bond can help lower the interest rate on the bond.

Do Not Neglect Cash:

Many wealthy investors have a relatively high percentage of their assets in cash. Having a lot of cash on hand allows wealthy investors to take advantage of any sudden market opportunities as they arise. Without having a lot of cash, investors will not have the flexibility to adapt to the market.

Pay Attention To The Fees:

Investment fees can quickly accumulate for wealthy investors. Wealthy investors should do research on the different types of investment fees that they are responsible for paying. It may be more beneficial in the long run to look at other investment options.


Wealthy investors should look to re-balance their portfolio. Without consistently re-balancing their investments, wealthy investors are at risk of seeing their assets improperly allocated. There should never be an over reliance on stocks or bonds.


Diversification is an easy way to avoid imbalance in a portfolio. Wealthy investors should have a diverse portfolio made up of assets in equities, bonds, real estate, and hedge funds, among other assets. Diversification helps reduce portfolio risk. Wealthy investors have access to more opportunities to diversify their portfolio.

Ask For Help When Necessary:

Many wealthy investors network with their peers in order to learn more about investing. Investment professionals can be a real asset as well, especially for investors who are unable to devote a lot of time to studying the market. Do it yourself investing has continually proven to be a mistake.

Go Private:

Wealthy investors are aware that large amounts of wealth are accumulated in private markets compared to public markets. Wealthy investors are aware of how lucrative investing in private businesses can be.

Develop Risk Tolerance:

Wealthy investors often take time before making the choice to invest. They look over any potential scenarios that could arise after they have invested. Successful investors have the risk tolerance to know when to make the right decision to invest and when to pass on an opportunity.


Mark Angelo is the Co-Founder of Yorkville Advisors.

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