Should You Pawn Stuff to Fund Your Business?

Should You Pawn Stuff to Fund Your Business?

Running a business comes with the standard costs and responsibilities. In addition, there are plenty of problems and expenses that you do not expect. It helps that you earn extra money, in addition to the profits, to manage your company successfully. One way to earn more is to pawn your stuff. Review the advantages and disadvantages of using this method to add more money to your business account.


Getting fast cash is the main benefit of working with a pawn shop. Present your item to the manager and receive a payment that same day. It’s less risky than a payday loan because there are no high interest rates or payment obligations.

Another advantage is that making money through pawn shops is simple. The process does not include any complicated paperwork or long waiting periods. Most things in good condition are eligible to be sold in pawn shops. Unwanted pianos, computers, books, clothing and hundreds more items are available in these stores.


The main disadvantage of using a pawnshop is that the owners may be scam artists. There are state and federal laws that regulate how owners conduct their shops. At the last, most owners are required to be licensed, but they have the freedom to charge their own prices.

If you are buying items, you must pay close attention to the prices. Selling items comes with the same amount of risk – the shop could offer less money than you deserve. For the most part, research the values of your used belongings before you offer to sell.

Finding Good Deals Is Possible:

When you do the research and act cautiously about who you sell to, it’s possible to get good deals through pawning. The process is similar to finding the right doctor to work with because you must use the same precautions. Compare offers from different shops instead of looking at only one. Read the customer reviews to see if the business has a good reputation in the area.

Find specialist shops if you plan to sell gold or jewelry. It’s important that you have an appraisal done with a jeweler to receive the best offer. There are online shops that are more convenient and allow you to work with a greater selection of businesses.

Finding a pawn shop is similar to finding any other business. Your main goal is to find a reputable one that is located in your area. You will earn some profits from pawning used items, but the price is determined by the current condition. You may get less than what the item’s worth, but if you need extra money quickly and easily, pawning is the ideal choice.


Mark Angelo is the Co-Founder of Yorkville Advisors.

Top 5 Best Countries for Entrepreneurs in 2018

Top 5 Best Countries for Entrepreneurs in 2018

Running a business is a daunting task, and as an entrepreneur, the last thing you want to do is invest or start a business in a disheartening nation. Nonetheless, opportunities exist everywhere around the world, and not just in your hometown or home nation. Even though much has been said about economic globalization and our increasingly connected business realm, if you are starting a business, your first assumption might be not to launch one in, say, Singapore. But as it turns out, Singapore Is, in fact, one of the best nations you can start a business, and I’ll tell you why in a minute. That said, here is my review of the best overseas nations for entrepreneurs in 2018.

1. Germany:

For years, Germany has been regarded to as the friendliest nation to entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses. If you are an entrepreneur in Germany, then you can affirm that the nation features a stable political and economic environment for entrepreneurial ideas. Better yet, Germany is a safe haven for intellectual assets. Your ideas, such as inventions, concepts and company logos will be protected in Germany by trademark, Patent and Copyright laws. The nation has also been paying attention to maintaining transparency in the business sector. The competition law, for instance, does not allow your competitors to make false claims regarding your business just to attract your clients. This not only protects you as an entrepreneur, but it also protects your customers.

2. New Zealand:

In New Zealand, incorporating your business can take a single day, and registering your property can take less than 48 hours. Still more, labor costs are low, and the workforce is educated and skilled. In terms of taxes, New Zealand has no Payroll, capital gains or social security taxes. This explains why the nation rules the list of “easiest countries to do business.”

3. The United States: 

The reason the USA is one of the best countries to be an entrepreneur is that you’ll find a diversified and well-educated workforce in the nation. Furthermore, the states is a recognized world leader in innovation as well as research and development. Entrepreneurs in the country can also find a myriad of funding sources, such as angel investors, venture capitalists, banks, and investment banks.

4. Singapore:

Singapore is one of the few first world nations in Asia. What qualifies this nation to be on this list is its stable socio-political environment, highly efficient infrastructure, free market economy and an attractive tax regime that favors Entrepreneurs. In 2011, the lion city had the fastest growing economy in Asia, surpassing China by 14.5 percent.

5. Norway:

Norway has an excellent economy and most communication with government authorities is done online. Registering your business will be quick in Norway and filing tax returns is relatively straightforward. Even better, this is the “go-to” nation for entrepreneurs looking to resolve insolvency because Fees in the nation average 1 percent of the “bankrupt” business’s value. Nonetheless, there is a slight challenge you ought to expect if you are starting a business in Norway: labor regulations can prove to be too rigid and acquiring building permits can be a hassle.


Mark Angelo is the Co-Founder of Yorkville Advisors.